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Why Cannabis is Beneficial

Cannabis aka (ganja/weed/dagga/marijuana), is one of the therapeutic substances that have been adjudged safe and studied by researchers. It provides thousands of health and therapeutic benefits, as well as other industrial applications.

*No one has ever died from an overdose, as it is non-toxic.

Some of the many benefits of cannabis include:

  • Treatment of inflammation
  • Treatment of muscle spasms
  • Treatment of loss of appetite
  • Reduction of interlobular pressure or pressure in the eyes

Cannabis is also beneficial for those suffering from various medical diseases and ailments.

Chronic Pain: Cannabis is a well known analgesic and  for thousands of years. Cannabis can reduce chronic pain that is associated with various chronic disorders. Prescriptions for painkillers in the United States have nearly tripled in the past two decades and Cannabis might provide an alternative to opiates.

Cancer: Cannabis can help those suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy. Nausea, loss of appetite and other symptoms are common among those suffering from chemotherapy. Cannabis can help with that. is known for its ability to help with various eating disorders. Most notably, this includes stimulating weight gaining in people with anorexia.

Glaucoma: Marijuana can help to reduce Intraocular pressure pressure which can slow down and stop Glaucoma. It is proven that the effect of cannabis on Intraocular pressure lasts for about three hours and that could be a relief for those suffering.

Epilepsy: Seizures are involuntary muscle spasms and are one of  the most severe symptom of epilepsy. Cannabis can help to reduce seizures in patients that have epilepsy.

Multiple Sclerosis: Cannabis may be an option to treat some very annoying MS symptoms. It seems that Marijuana can help to reduce spasticity and muscle pain caused by multiple sclerosis. It can also minimize unsteadiness of gait and tremors.

HIV/AIDS: Cannabis can be very helpful in the fight against HIV. Cannabis can help to stop vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and other effects of the AIDs virus and the side effects of the medications.

Apart from these medical conditions, Cannabis has been proven beneficial for menstrual cramps, migraines, arthritis, addiction to pharmaceutical prescription drugs and even alcohol.

While the Scientific community has a lot of work to do in order to confirm that Cannabis Is capable of curing most of these terrible diseases, its obvious that only easing the pain and making life easier in a natural way for all these patients makes Cannabis an important and valuable medical tool.  

Mental health is as important as physical health, and the use of Cannabis has proven to aid in the well-being of patients suffering from depression, stress and anxiety.



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Local businesses see the green light.

Strains would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support in making this one of the most trusted brands in the market to date.

We have an exciting collaborations in the works, so keep an eye out for more updates.

We are looking for new start-ups and existing businesses who are in favor of cannabis legalization to Contact Us if you would like to become an affiliate, support us with any donations, or to get involved by joining our team.

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D-Day 2017

This epic day of celebration for all things cannabis, was yet again another truly unforgettable experience.

Strains made its first public appearance in an unofficial brand launch, with some of our merchandise and website stickers finding new homes. Show some love & tag us if you have any pics.

Great bands, delicious eats & drinks, with a social vibe that warmed the soul that showed “This is how the future in SA looks like, together in unity, peace & love”.

We would like to thank all involved for making this an unforgettable historic event. Looking forward to the next one.. See you there!

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Medical cannabis in South Africa

The South African Medicines Control Council (MCC) has recently rescheduled cannabis from a schedule 7 to schedule 6 drug as of November 2016 through the Medical Innovation Bill (MIB). This is a small step in the right direction, as it has now been reclassified from a “extremely high potential for abuse or dependence” drug, with no medicinal value or benefit, to a less extreme “high potential for abuse or dependence” medicine, with medical value and benefit.

Sadly the tender process has not been open to the public, and only a handful of politically tied cronies have licences to grow and distribute medical cannabis. This still needs to be challenged to allow for anyone who wishes to partake in this rapidly emerging, worldwide – multi-billion dollar industry, to do so.

Cannabis activists Julian Stobs and Myrtle Clarke, have been dubbed by the media as “The Dagga Couple”, and are challenging the unjust, unconstitutional, outdated and irrational laws, that cannabis and its users have fallen victim to, in the Pretoria High Court in July 2017. You can sign the petition for the re-legalization of the use of the Cannabis plant for all applications – industrial, medicinal, spiritual, religious and recreational, by clicking on the following link: The couple plan on taking the matter further to the Constitutional Court once they have succeeded in the High Court, as it is a human rights issue and not a criminal one. We should be free to choose what we know is good or bad for our bodies and therefore it should be decriminalized.

At the end of the day we all need to partake in the protection of our constitutional and human rights, and make sure that the laws in South Africa are just for all, regardless of race, religion or culture. Together we can restore this beautiful country the world has come to know as “The Rainbow Nation”.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing – Edmund Burke